Monday, February 7, 2011

The Butcher, the BAKER, and the Candlestick maker

So I'm thinking about quitting school and starting a bakery! Any business partners?? Honestly I've kinda always wanted to do that.... Or at least be more creative and sell things.

I know everyone else is sick of the Snow but I'm still loving it!!!!! There were a couple mishaps at home (BUH) but I "had" to work so I got away for a couple of hours!! And we ARE getting more!!!! How Amazing!!!! LOVE IT!!

During the four....count 'um.... FOUR days off from school not including the weekend guess how much homework I did?!?!!?...... Go ahead guess...... N.O.N.E!!!!!!!!!! Yeah I know right. You would think with everything I have to do that I would be able to finish it allllllll buuuuuuuuut I had more important things to do. Especially because it was February!!!! :D New favorite month!!!

I did acomplish a handful of things. Not everything on my list but hopefully the next Blizzard of 2011 (BUH) will Motivate me to catch up on school work at TU and LCA and finish all my projects.... and Work out. My poor body.

Boston Blackie iiiissss amazing. You should check him out. (Not really ;)) I'm more like Mary every day.

I guess considering my homework statue I should be doing some buuuutttt I'd rather be doing ANYTHING else. Two more years....Say What????? I can't handle it. "Scri's Fine Bakery" "Scri's Creations".... Help me think of some???? Thanks!!! Or I could always go work at Odyssey. They might need a new character..... right?? Who hasn't always wanted to do that?? No one.

Mmmmmm I made some cherry dark chocolate chip cookies. Pretty much amazing.

Mmmmkay 6:44 waaay past what time I thought it was. I guess I'll do homework.

Sorry this wasn't as entertaining as previous.


Thursday, February 3, 2011


But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Shelby Strikes Back...

Heeeeeelllloooooo one and all!!! Welcome to the magical world of Shelby!!! Please enter to the right and hold on to your hat during this ride!!

You start out waking up Monday morning around 5:31 hit snooze until 5:40 then you get up and take a shower get ready for school and awwwway you go! Standards based Chemistry starts at 8 am so hold onto your goggles for an amazing experience that last 50 minutes three days a week. You then have an hour break to check your email, blog, what homework you didn't do...etc until you have to be at Intermediate French II for the most exciting (ha) french conversation class you could ever hope for every Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 55 minutes (Expect that she will hold you late) Then hurry to your Jazz singer class that starts in just 5 minutes where you will actually have fun listening and exploring jazz three wonderful days a week for 50 mintues. Wheuu, You have a chance to catch your breath but only for 20 mintues because next you will spend the next three hours with first and scond graders!!! Your day is finished at 3:15 (ha) but in just a few short weeks you Bible college classes will start! :) You go home and Relax (HAHA) Repeat three times weekly.

Wake up!!! It's Tuesday at 8 am and you have a class at 9:30, Is your homework done?!? Bet not, so maybe you should finish it now. Then hop, skip, and jump, you way to Adolesent development from 9:30 to 10:45. Then a small break before you head to Physical Activity for the Elementary Population from 12:30 until 1:45 Where you spend your day helping/teaching children physical activities!!! Then a larger break because your class doesn't start until 4 and it end at 5:15! Can anyone say rush hour??? This class is Math concepts and reasoning (geometry!) :0 Once finished you will sit in rush hour for awhile until you finally reach your house where you can relax. (HAHA) Repeat twice weekly. Wake up!!! It's 8 am on Saturday and where do you belong in an hour?!?! You guessed it....WORK! (lame) Work until 2 or 3, go home and relax. (HA)

Yay school.

If anyone can find a time beside on saturday for a job let me know. Or just call Gap and let them know. They need a schedule and I'm not sure what to give them.

IN NEED OF A PIANO TEACHER! If you or someone you know would LOVE to give piano lessons let me know!!!


Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hello Shelby fans, I know I know I know...I've been such a disappointment in the blogging world. I don't know if 2011 (Say what?) will be any better buuuuut we'll see!! ;)

A TON has happened since my last post.
I Finished school. Not too bad. I passed French and only have... count it ONE more class until I'm FINISHED! My Christmas ended up not being blue. At all. It was pretty amazing! Thanks :) Spent Christmas with the fam, it was F.U.N.
(I worked in between all this)((I don't think Gap likes me that much anymore))
Gary Lee passed away. What a HUGE shock!!! I can't even imagine. Pastor and Sis. Howard need out prayers even more now. I love both of them s000o much! And their family. It's all so crazy.
Hung out with Whitney and Megan.
New Years Eve/ New Years Day
Haha - This is normal for all of them.
Whit and I

Megan and I

Whit, Megan, and Myself

Justin and I. That's the only one that I have... after the fourth picture he was done.

More work.
Then on Wednesday I left for Greensboro, North Carolina to visit my grandparents, my aunt and uncle, my cousin and her boyfriend of 12 years and their 3 children. It was crazy. I miss all of them but I am definitely happy to be home!!!


Monday, December 13, 2010

I'll have a blue Christmas without you.


This is the first night since Wednesday that I have been home before 130am. Last night I got home at 330.

Ohhhh Brother!!

So I did two prints last night and it was super late and I couldn't keep going so I just left and come home. I got ready for bed, set my alarm for 630 annnnnnd APPARENTLY I didn't hear the alarm. I was suppose to be up at LCA by 815 then I had work at 10 so I was going to leave LCA at 930 so I could be at work with plenty of time! Ahahaha. Instead of getting up at 630 I work up at 936!!!!!!! Not only did I wake up late and miss LCA I also woke up to late to leave for work on time. (I have to leave by 930 to get there by 10) SO LAME! I didn't leave my house until 948 and I called work and Guess what?!?!? I told the Manager on duty that I was going to be late and she said that it wasn't a big deal because I'm never late BUT the District Manager was suppose to be there ANY Minute!!!! So I sped ALLLLL they way there and was only ten minutes late... I get there and the DM isn't there!! Oh I was sooo happy until Mindi mentioned that I have blue on my face. ("Shelby, Why do you have blue all over your face?") From Printing. Uggggg. I printed bright blue last night. I knew it was all over my hands but totally forgot that when I left Bridget told me I had blue on my face. Quick note, Print ink DOES NOT come off with soap and water. You have to use some special soap. Lame. So I went to the bathroom and tried to clean it off, I had to scrape my nails into my skin to get the blue off. It came off but there was a faint hint of blue on my face. All Day Long. I'm so done with school.

Good news.... ALLLLLLL My Prints Are D.O.N.E.!!!! :) I just have my final Wednesday at 330.

What will I be doing during my break? Work and sleeping. Annnnd maybe sewing. It will be wonderful!!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Finals and a Good story!

Ohhhhh My Goodness!!!!!


Bible College - Done.
Creative Drama - Done.
Studio Art - Done.
Oceanography - Done.

Praise the Lord!!! I am so thankful I am almost finished!!!!

Three. Count them.... THREE Finals today!!! :0 So crazy but I feel pretty good about them.....! Ha. I have my written French final Tomorrow and my French oral Monday then one final the 15th and I'm done!!! So basically I'm done on Monday. I Need this Break sooooo stinkin' Bad!! I need a vaca somewhere... even for a couple of days. Who wants to go? You pay your ticket I'll get the room, Deal?!?!

Guess what I am doing tomorrow?!?!?! Are you ready to be jealous????

I'm going Horseback Riding!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!! So when you are doing whatever you do around 215 just think of me, having waaaayyyy more fun than you!!!!! :P

I have a funny story to tell and I hope that its not too crude. And if you want to actually hear me tell it (Which is way better) Let me know and I'll gladly tell you.

So I'm in my studio art class doing our "final" which was the class got split into 4 groups and we have to make statues out of another group. My group had to be a motorcycle, sound okay right?! WRONG! So I volunteered to be a wheel, so I crouched down into my wheel position and waited for everyone to get into place. So This guy kinda a little heavy was the seat so we all had to crouch down facing the same way (I was the back tire) So I'm staring at this guys butt. I forgot to tell you that he's pretty ugly. I know that sound really bad but he was! So his pants are too big and guess what? So are his undergarments. So I'm literally staring at this guys butt!!!! (that needs a waxing) My friend William is standing behind me just laughing away and there are only two other people who are seeing this guys butt. I was about 3 feet away from him and the girl that was positioning us wanted me to get close to the guy. I told her No! and she said I had to so that statue was complete. LAME! William is still laughing his head (butt...buh) off so I get a little closer and she gets mad again and tells me I have to get closer. So I finally get closer and just keep my eyes closed. William said "I think Shelby's super uncomfortable..." I raised my head without opening my eyes and said "very." Everyone in the class was laughing and my professor thought It was hilarious. It was Not!! AND I could not say why I didn't want to get closer to the guy.... How embarrassing for him!!!

Yeah, That was my day. Hope you enjoyed the story. And if not come ask me to tell it...


Friday, November 26, 2010


So answer honestly ladies,

Am I the only one who gets Super depressed while looking at photography blogs and seeing allllll the people getting married? Yeah, Hi5. Who's not looking forward to the Holidays? weellll for that reason..

So Thanksgiving....

I'm very Thankful for Everything that God has done for me!!!! It' pretty incredible when I think about it.

Oh how I enjoy Thanksgiving!

So I made the cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and Green beans (the special ones) It would be thanksgiving if SOMEONE didn't get hurt. Don't worry, Sarah and I both did. I sliced my finger on a potato peeler annnd I don't remember what Sarah did. Mom wanted to eat by one. Haha. Per tradition we ate around 445 or 5. Sarah was smart and turned on the fire! Oh it was Ahhhh-mazing! I love sitting by the fireplace. I always sit right infront of the fire and Sarah always complains that she can't feel it. Whateves :)

My very favorite thing to eat during Thanksgiving is..... STUFFING!!! then hmmmmm... It's hard to pick! I love it all!!! Turkey, Cranberry sauce, Stuffing, Green beans, Mashed potatoes, Sweet potatoes, gravy, And Pumpkin pie :0 Yum!!

I need a vacation. Who wants to sponsor me to Australia?? Or Chicago?? Mmmmkay Thanks!